Dear tenants at
Nørresø Kollegiet

November 2017
Nørresø Kollegiet in cooperation with Boligselskabet Sct. Jørgen in Viborg.

Boligselskabet Sct. Jørgen has taken over the administration of Nørresø Kollegiet from the. 1. November 2017. Boligselskabet Sct. Jørgen is a housing organization that manages public housing in Viborg and other cities around Viborg.

If you need to get in contact to the janitor, you can contact Carsten Axelsen by email: or you can use phone: 87 26 03 94 each day between 11.30 and 12.00

If you have questions about your rent, your contract, termination of your contract, you still have to contact Nørresø Kollegiet by email: or phone: 86 67 18 11.
The office at Nørresø Kollegiet is open each Wednesday between: 8.00 – 16.00

Boligselskabet Sct. Jørgen has an appointment with Midtjysk Brand and Redning, where you have 24 hours of acute phone. The phone is only for acute problems, like fire, clogged toilet, missing heating, bursting water pipes.
You can use phone 89 70 35 99, if you have acute problems.

We are looking forward to this cooperation – if you have any questions you are welcome to contact us.

Kind regards
Boligselskabet Sct. Jørgen and Nørresø Kollegiet