The Nørresø Dormitory was built in 1989 and is located approximately one kilometer from the centre of Viborg. From the dorm there is a view of the center of town, the two great lakes of Viborg, Nørresø and Søndersø, and the old cathedral. Surrounding the area is a big green common area.

The dorm has 40 rooms which are divided between four houses which all include a common kitchen and living room as well as a common-house with a conference- and meeting room for parties. The place is open to everyone, but especially researches and students from all around the world with a connection to Aarhus University in Foulum use the dormitory. The great geographical diversity provides the dorm with a unique environment, academically as well as socially.

There are good shopping options nearby the dorm and the short distant to the centre of Viborg makes it easy to walk or bike to town. There is also a bus stop a few hundred meters away where it is possible to take the bus to Foulum, the city centre centre and the train station.

All the rooms include furniture and vary in price range from 2630 kr to 3500 kr monthly, depending on the size of the room – 10m2 or 20m2 and whether the room has its own bathroom. Internet, heat and electricity is included in the rent