Practial information for residents
There are four buildings with rooms. Building A, B and C each with 11 rooms and building D with 7 rooms.

In the “Common House” you will find the office, conference- and meeting rooms, and in the basement the washing machine, tumbler drier and the room for bicycles.

You have rented a room, and during your stay there are certain rules and regulations to be followed. When you arrive, you will find your key to your room just outside the office placed in an envelope with your name. The envelope is placed in a plastic-box just outside the officedoor. The office house is the house wiht the garage, go right around the house and enter the hall. Turn left and you will see the box.

The Room
The room is furnished with: Sofa bed, coffee tablet, easy chair, bookcase, desk, desk chair, standard lamp, desk lamp, pendant. In the bathroom (own or shared) are there shower curtain, scraper and toilet brush.

Each room has a 20/2 megabit internet connection and a plug for the television.

Maintaining the room
The tenant is responsible for the cleaning of the room and bathroom, and for regularly airing the room. During the heating season all the radiators thermostat should be set to 2, 5 – 3, but should be closed while airing the room. Painting of, drilling of holes or hammering of nails into the walls is not allowed.

Living Room
Each house has a living room and sofa groups. The tenants are responsible for keeping the room clean and tidy. Tables should be wiped clean. Remove dishes, papers and waste. The last person to leave should draw back the curtains, air the room, and switch off the light. Smoking is prohibited. Hanging up the washing clothes is prohibited in the living room, use the tumbler drier or dry the clothes outside.

The Balcony over the kitchen is, after common agreement, at the disposal of the tenants as an extra TV-room, study, dining room, but not as a store room.

The corridors must be kept tidy. No shoes, clothes, boxes, etc. Clothes should not be hung out to dry in the corridors.

Smoking is prohibited everywhere in all buildings. You may only smoke outdoors.

Every fortnight the tenants must, in turn, clean the common facilities.

Kitchen: All surfaces must be wiped clean. The sink, stove and cooking hood must be cleaned. The refrigerators must be cleaned inside and outside and the freezer must be defrosted when needed. Panels and floors, also behind the refrigerator, must be vacuum cleaned and washed.

Living room and balcony: Wipe windowsills, shelves, TV and lamps. Vacuum clean the furniture and wash the floors. Entrance, corridors and staircase: Vacuum clean and wash floors and steps. Remember to change regularly the bag in the vacuum cleaner.

TV Licence fee
Every citizens in Denmark with own address have to pay TV Licence fee .You are under an obligation to pay for television, internet and radio. If you are foreigner you still have to pay, but remember to terminate the registration when you leave again.